Olympic Park
in Munich

The 1972 Summer Olympics were an important cornerstone of Munich’s history. Originally meant to be cheerful and accessible, they were billed as the “Happy Games”. A former parade ground and airport were turned into the award-winning Olympic Park, popular for its many sports and leisure facilities and distinctive architecture. Join us on this guided tour through the Olympic Park and learn all about the lighthearted, as well as the tragic history of the Olympic Games.

Discover the Olympic Park in Munich on a Walking Tour

What Will You See?

Our tour will take you to sports venues such as the Olympic Stadium or the swimming pool, the Olympic Tower, the Olympic Village, the memorials dedicated to the victims of the Munich massacre, and the BMW World.

Who Should Book This Tour?

This tour through the Olympic Park is suitable for all age groups, for locals as well as for guests from abroad. It is important that you know we will walk a distance of approximately 3 kilometers (1.8 miles).

Where Do We Meet?

We will meet at the U3 Olympiazentrum subway station in front of the entrance to BMW Welt. The tour also ends here. Apart from a short visit to the Olympic pool, this tour will take place entirely outdoors.


Experience Munich

Ferris Wheel at Summer Festival in Olympic Park in Munich
Green Seats at Olympic Stadium in Munich
Wiener Dog dressed as Waldi the Mascot of the 1972 Summer Games in Munich
Olympic Stadium in Munich
Cherry Blossoms on a Walking Tour at the Olympic Park in Munich
Olympia Alm Beer Garden in Munich
Olympic Lake and Tower at Olympic Park in Munich

Olympic Park in Munich

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